Advertisers Still Trying to Understand Twitch

You’d think with 60 million users on Twitch, advertisers would find a way to market to them. But the Wall St. Journal reports that it’s slow going: “Now that the media and advertising world has awakened to Twitch’s audience of 60 million users—and that millions of people like to watch others play videogames—any marketer that targets Twitch’s core audience of young men should be rethinking its media strategy. But the advertising business doesn’t do speed runs.”

“In fact, many ad buyers say they are just getting up to speed themselves on Twitch, and what sort of ad opportunities the site offers. Plus, when it comes to targeting young men between 18 and 30 years old, TV is still a highly viable option, particularly sports programming.”

The piece notes: “One concern some advertisers have is that Twitch’s passionate fan engagement could work against it. Because Twitch users often sit for large chunks of time—106 minutes per person, per day, says the company—advertisers risk pounding the same people over the head with messages.”


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