Jimmy Kimmel Gets Slammed by eSports Fans

Jimmy Kimmel got into big trouble with eSports fans last week.

First, he posted this video poking fun at eSports — specifically the idea that people would watch other people play video games:

According to Kimmel, it quickly became “the most disliked video we’ve ever posted to YouTube… and we’ve posted thousands of videos to YouTube.”

After getting some 60,000 thumbs down on the video over the weekend (it’s more than 90,000 as of this posting) — as well as what he called “an avalanche of mostly misspelled vitriol” — Kimmel revisited the topic on Monday, reading some of the angry comments:

Kimmel ends his piece with a great request: Asking whether someone would invite him over to watch eSports, so he can see what the whole thing is about. Surely stay tuned for the next video…

For more, check out the Sportsgrid report.


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