Yahoo Launches New eSports Show to Stream Via Twitch

Yahoo has announced a new show, Tilted.

Yahoo states: “Following Late Night League, the Yahoo Esports editorial staff will be getting together to discuss the esports topics of the time. Tilted will feature Travis Gafford, Taylor Cocke, Dylan Walker, Michael Martin, and occasional guests chatting about whatever they find interesting that week. No promises on keeping things tame.”

“Once the chats are over, the crew will be joined by Yahoo Esports managing editor Ben Silverman for a round of trivia in Solo IQ, the winner of which gets to present their topic first the next week. Ben has sworn to tailor the questions to be as difficult as possible for the cast. In turn, the staff will do their best to not embarrass themselves. Too much.”

The show airs Mondays around 3:30 p.m. Pacific, on Twitch.


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