New Will Ferrell Movie to Focus on eSports

Variety reports that Will Ferrell will “Star as Professional eSports Player in Upcoming Comedy.”

In the as-yet-unnamed movie, Ferrell “will star as a member of a professional eSports team. In the film he is an anomaly in a sport where players usually retire in their 20s due to slowing hand-eye coordination. Evil Geniuses and Fnatic, two of the premiere real-life eSports teams in the world, are in discussions to have a presence in the film.”

“The film will be in the vein of Ferrell’s NASCAR comedy “Talladega Nights.” Universal will distribute.”

VG24/7 writes: “The movie will be produced by Legendary (via Gamespot), the same company behind the Warcraft movie, and Dead Rising: Endgame. Actual eSports players from teams Evil Geniuses and Fnatic are in talks to have some role in the movie.”

Gamespot reports that “Ferrell does have some on-screen gaming experience. In 2014, he teamed up with a gaming charity to help raise money for cancer research. Check out the Funny or Die video announcing the event:”


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