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How Machine Learning Will Transform eSports

Amir-Esmaeil Bozorgzadeh, co-founder at Virtuleap, offers fascinating insights in VentureBeat how “Machine learning will be a game-changer for esports.”

Among the highlights:

“Game studios are ground zero. They’re applying machine learning to first address long-standing challenges in game development and design, like accelerating the process of building out art and levels and balancing the backend infrastructure.”

“This smart tech goes well beyond remedying industry challenges, streamlining otherwise manual processes, or even making games increasingly intuitive. It’s going to literally instil life into computer-generated characters and unprecedented depth into storylines and game mechanics in a way that will make you, if you’re old enough, reminiscent of sci-fi films like Cronenberg’s 1999 eXistenZ based on a Philip K. Dick novel.”

“Imagine gaming worlds populated by nonplayer characters (NPCs) that are interactive to such nimble and nuanced depths that they establish genuine emotional connections with players and can hold their weight in lengthy, windy, and clever conversations. Machine learning will fill the open spaces with dynamic content and narrative while still abiding to the game’s mechanics and script. Game worlds are about to become super-intelligent, and its influence will be particularly glaring in the world of multiplayer games and competitive gaming.”

The bottom line: “A whole host of features can be implemented and brought into play that will allow eSports to continually evolve, perhaps even by itself, in ways that transcends well beyond the confined limitations of traditional sports.”


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