More on Robert Morris eSports

People can’t get enough of the Robert Morris University eSports team. Business Insider reports that “the top professional video gamers in the world can end up making hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to lucrative sponsorship deals and cash prizes.”

“In June, Chicago-based Robert Morris University turned heads when it announced it would help some students get on track for a career in video gaming, offering scholarships for top gamers to join their varsity eSports team.

“‘I was approached by the school to recruit for the team,’ head coach Ferris Ganzman said to Business Insider. ‘Basically what we were looking for were people who were competing at a high level, who were trying to get into the professional league.'”

The piece continues: “Though some will question the athlete designation, the eSports team puts in a ton of time perfecting their game. The smaller teams of five play together for four hours, four days of the week, plus individual practice time. All together, they could be spending some 30 to 40 hours a week playing League, in addition to taking a full course load.”


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