Profile: MLG’s Chris Puckett

If you’ve watched live events on MLG, you know Chris Puckett. He started as a gamer — Halo was his focus.

But as writes in a full feature on Puckett: “He joined MLG as Tournament Director in 2004, as a contractor, and gave up competing as it would pose a conflict of interest. He moved to New York two years later for a full-time role with the company’s marketing department, but wound up working in video production before long… Today? He’s the VP of programming, while still serving as the face and voice of live MLG events.”

But before the success, he left college and went full-time into gaming. As he says in the piece: “Looking back, I was kind of a terrible son. They weren’t happy when I told them I was leaving college, but two years later, on the side, they both told me it was the right decision and how proud they were of me.”


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