More on Robert Morris eSports Scholarships

Another day, another story on Robert Morris University. This one’s from NPR: “If you are really good at video games, that talent could be a way to help pay for college. Robert Morris University Illinois in Chicago has given scholarships to students they are calling e-athletes. Students have been recruited to play a specific game, ‘League Of Legends.’ The school has put aside nearly half a million dollars to fund about 30 of these scholarships. Manoush Zomorodi host of WNYC’s podcast “New Tech City” went to spend time with the team to get find out how things are going.”

Two great quotes in the piece from student Daniel Apanco: “I told my mom about it. She didn’t believe me. She’s like, you’re crazy and there’s no way. I’m like, yeah, there is. So I applied, got in and…”

The quote continues: “She thought I was like, making it up ’cause she personally doesn’t even like me playing the game, but when she realized I was going to get a scholarship for it, she accepted it, you know? She tells all of her friends.”


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