Retro Video Gaming Available Online

This might not be meaningful for the current age group… but for the previous generation(s), the Washington Post explains how one’s video gaming past can be relived today. The piece is: “You can now play nearly 2,400 MS-DOS video games in your browser.”

The Post reports: “Nearly 2,400 MS-DOS games are now available to play — for free — in almost any browser on the Internet Archive. Meaning: A lot of people of a certain generation (hi!) are once again able to play the games they played over and over and over again as kids.”

“The Internet Archive is arguably best-known for its Wayback Machine, the neat and useful repository of home pages past that lets you, say, see what the White House’s Web site looked like 15 years ago. But it does a lot more than simply send surfers back in time.”

“Many video game enthusiasts learned that over a year ago with the launch of the console living room, a similar project that brought early games (like those on the old Atari consoles) into the browser as playable emulations.”

The piece offers a sample of the playable games available.


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