Hacked! PlayStation Network and Xbox Live

Lizard Squad claims to have hacked the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online gaming services.

Xbox Live says its services are back up; PSN is still down.

Reuters reports: “Microsoft Corp’s Xbox Live was back up on Friday while Sony Corp’s PlayStation Network remained offline for a second day after a hacker group claimed responsibility for attacking the two Internet gaming services.”

“Gamers on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network experienced connection problems and delays on Christmas Day, one of the busiest times of the year for the video game industry. The majority of game and console sales are generated during the end-year holiday shopping season.”

Gizmodo reports: “The ‘Lizard Squad’ hacking group is currently taking responsibility, claiming that they downed both services, and won’t stop until they get 10,000 retweets on one of their inane ramblings. The stated method of hacking is Old Faithful — a Distributed Denial of Service, which involves flooding a network (or, normally, some piece of critical infrastructure) with more traffic than it can handle. In this case, it looks like the logon systems are the weak point, since both PSN and Xbox Live are reporting that users are having trouble signing in.”

Business Insider reports that Lizard Squad may be doing additional hacks: “‘Lizard Squad,’ the notorious hacker collective that will now be known for shutting down Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live for two straight days starting on Christmas Eve, is now reportedly after the anonymous communication service, the Tor Project.”

Follow the PSN Twitter feed here.


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