YouTube Gaming Announced

It was just a matter of time. Once Google didn’t win the Twitch auction, it had to respond.

Today Google did.

“This summer, we’ll launch YouTube Gaming, a brand new app and website to keep you connected to the games, players, and culture that matter to you, with videos, live streams, and the biggest community of gamers on the web—all in one place,” wrote Alan Joyce, Product Manager, on the official YouTube blog.

The post continues: “YouTube Gaming is built to be all about your favorite games and gamers, with more videos than anywhere else. From ‘Asteroids’ to ‘Zelda,’ more than 25,000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title.”

The post also notes that channels will come from “a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators.”

The news further amplifies how big of a business gaming has become.

Writes the New York Times: “This arena has become increasingly competitive. There is Twitch, the site where gamers watch each other play live, which Amazon bought for about $1 billion last year. And Twitch is facing competition from sites like MLG.TV, which has poached former Twitch stars like the Call of Duty phenom Matthew ‘Nadeshot/ Haag.”

And importantly, the NYT adds: “Creating a stand-alone app puts gaming one click closer and adds another square icon to gamers’ phones.”

The Verge offers “YouTube Gaming screenshots.”


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