G2A Ban? G2A Responds

GamesIndustry.biz reports that “Riot Games has banned G2A, a reseller of online game keys, from sponsoring professional League of Legends players.”

“That includes a number of teams in competition at the League of Legends World Championships, the group stages of which started in Paris this month. According to Daily Dot, G2A’s logos and branding have been removed from Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, H2K and paiN Gaming, at Riot’s request.”

According to The Daily Dot: “G2A has run into trouble with the game developer thanks to a listing on its site promoting services from a third party that sells League accounts and offers elo boosting services, both of which are direct violations of the Riot Games terms of service and the League Championship Series rulebook.”

In response, G2A put out a press release titled “G2A Continues Commitment to E-Sports Community”

The releaseĀ begins: “G2A.COM has announced the opening of communication on its social media channels to hear directly from e-sports fans the world over concerning the recent annulment of G2A’s official sponsorship for League Championship Series (LCS) teams.”

Said G2A e-sport Manager, Josh Cabrera: “G2A wants you to know that we will open communications on social media channels including Facebook page: g2aesportbreakingnews, if e-sporters need to talk to us about the impact this will have on them and others. Tell us your feelings, and we will try in whatever way we can to make things better. That’s our G2A promise to all the entire e-sports community. We hope that we can count on your support for G2A. Together, G2A and e-sporters can build e-sports into something awesome!”


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