Does ELEAGUE on Twitch Offer Preview of eSports’ TV Future?

Charles Poladian writes in the International Business Times that Tuesday’s ELEAGUE launch “served as a preview for what people can expect for its highly anticipated television debut.”

He adds: “The three-man team performed their duties well with a casual announcing style, including profanity, that may be cleaned up before the TBS broadcast. The announcing team was unafraid to share their opinions, which helped create a narrative beyond people playing a game. Before their first match, the commentators were critical of SpunJ, Renegades’ captain and in-game leader, for his recent performance and tactics. Brazil’s Luminosity was quickly declared the best team in the world, while North America’s Team Liquid were criticized after a match collapse where they relinquished a multi-round lead.”

Poladian concludes: “The “ELeague” debut could be the best-case scenario for everyone involved. For veteran eSports fans, the broadcast felt like a normal stream with only a handful of concessions to newcomers. The arena and presentation appear to be ready for television. With Twitch broadcasts scheduled for the next two days, ‘ELeague’ will have plenty of time to get ready for its TBS debut Friday.”


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