Interview: Why Turner is Interested in eSports

VentureBeat’s GamesBeat runs an interview with Craig Barry, the executive vice president and chief content officer at Turner Sports. Barry “discussed Eleague’s goal and explained why Turner is bullish on esports for cable TV.”

Key Barry quotes include:

  • “We saw an opportunity that lent itself to our strengths in content creation, storytelling, something where we could leverage our infrastructure, resources, manpower, capabilities. Something we thought we could differentiate from what was out there in the marketplace. It seemed like a good fit. Along with the fact that the millennial demo is right in line with the TBS re-brand.”
  • “When we talk about esports, being authentic to the game and to the community is the most important part of the approach.”
  • “We’re constantly looking at other publishers and other IP. Valve has been extremely supportive, and we’re very happy with the progress we’ve made and where we sit right now to launch Eleague. But I’d never say other titles are off the table. We’re interested in the entire ecosystem of esports, not just Counter-Strike.”

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