eSports: Threat to World’s Biggest Soccer League?

Move over Man U. eSports is gaining.

ESPN FC reports that “Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore believes digital gaming and social media are among the biggest threats to keeping youngsters engaged in football.”

“Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live from the Premier League launch in Islington on Wednesday morning, Scudamore highlighted the modern-day obstacles but vowed the governing body would do everything it could to keep young people able to identify with the sport.”

“The rise of eSports, or competitive video gaming, is one such issue, with Premier League clubs West Ham and Manchester City even “signing” their own official eSports players.”

“Asked which league or sport he sees as the main competitors to the Premier League, he said: ‘I see it wider than that. I see gaming, all sorts of digital gaming, I see all sorts of young people spending time on their devices doing all sorts of things to entertain themselves, with social media generally.'”


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