Varsity eSports Launched at Southwest Baptist University; More Scholarships “Southwest Baptist University is one of about 15 colleges and universities in the nation to offer eSports as a varsity athletics program, with scholarships available for the 2016 fall semester.”

“As a varsity program, SBU is a charter member of the Collegiate eSports Association (CESPA), a new organization founded and initially funded by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).  CESPA will be the governing organization for varsity collegiate eSports programs.”

“SBU’s first varsity team will compete in League of Legends, a five-player team game in which the team works together to destroy an enemy team’s base.”

“’SBU has taken several steps over the last year in our intramural eSports program, which has led to this dream coming to fruition,’ said Chris Allison, director of SBU’s Meyer Wellness and Sports Center. ‘Our Spring 2016 intramural success in our XBox One arena has led to our expansion into the varsity eSports world.’”


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