eSports Grows in Canada

CBC Sports reports that “video games are no longer child’s play. In fact, they may very well be the next great cultural craze.

“When Riot Games announced that Toronto would host its North American League of Legends (LoL) Championship Series Summer Finals in August, the eSports event at the Air Canada Centre sold out in less than a day.”

“The home of the Maple Leafs and Raptors was taken over by 15,000 fans for what, at its most basic, is an online game of capture the flag featuring swords and sorcerers. It may sounds crazy to some, but what Canadians experienced at the ACC is only a taste of a much larger global phenomenon.”

The piece adds: “While Canada is slowly catching up to the rest of the world in terms of mainstream recognition of eSports, the awakening will be a pleasant one. Canadians aren’t only competing, but thriving at the highest levels.”


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