Report: High-Profile Mobile Games Struggle to Sustain

Venture Beat reports: “Nielsen, the intelligence firm that studies consumer media behavior, has released research that looks into long-term success of mobile games. The company has found that popular games — especially those that it describes as “big bang titles” that erupt onto the market in a flash — struggle to maintain a place at the top of highest-grossing apps chart. Instead, games like the strategy battler Clash Royale, the human-management sim Fallout Shelter, and even the location-based creature-catching adventure Pokémon Go often lose ground to established favorites in the $36.6 billion mobile gaming industry. Nielsen explains that the reason these new hits fall behind perennial attention-grabbers like Game of War or Clash of Clans is that developers are not prepared to keep up with the demand that players have for new content.”

“’The typical dynamic of a big-bang title involves high awareness before launch and fast adoption in the first few weeks after launch, or when awareness reaches critical mass,’ reads the Nielsen report. ‘A period of declining satisfaction among the early adopters follows, and these players usually move on to the next big title or back to previous titles. Leaving with them is the buzz and excitement that started the momentum behind the title to begin with.’”


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