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Profile: Former LA Laker Rick Fox’ Move to eSports

The NBA-eSports nexus continues to grow.

Andrew Leonard profiles former LA Laker and current eSports empire builder Rick Fox in Rolling Stone: “Rick Fox’s six-foot-seven frame sprawls across a couch in the North Hollywood offices of Echo Fox, his professional esports franchise. He is the very picture of L.A. cool, dressed – white athletic leggings, a Canada Goose jacket, knit cap pulled over his head – as if caught halfway between the gym and an audition (the retired Los Angeles Laker also boasts a long string of TV and film acting credits including Sharknado 3, One Tree Hill and HBO’s Oz). He is casually recounting a now-familiar story: how bonding with his son over World of Warcraft and League of Legends encouraged him to plunge headfirst into the exploding universe of professional gaming.”

The piece describes Fox as a “serious gamer, dating as far back as the debut of Mattel’s Intellivision in 1979. And he makes no distinction between the fierce battles that take place on the computer screen and those on the basketball court. First-person shooter, slam dunk, dungeon crawl – it’s all competitive grist for him.”

The post continues: “‘Mastery,’ says Fox, ‘is established through repetition, focus, and concentration.’ In other words, it’s all in the mind. And that goes for any sport – whether you are putting a ball through a hoop, hitting a home run across the fence, or getting a solo kill in League of Legends.”


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