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Report: Brands, Advertisers Must Use GVC to Reach ‘Essential Audience’

SuperData Research has released a new report that reveals a headline insight: “Gaming video content (GVC) is the most important, and massive, new media platform since social media.”

Highlights offer new information about audience, distribution channels, and overall spend:

  • Audience: “The current viewer base has a high female representation (46%) and high average income ($58K in the US). These young, tech-savvy consumers are leading the ‘cord-cutting’ charge, and they are watching GVC instead of primetime TV.”
  • Distribution: “More people watch GVC than HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu combined. Amazon’s Twitch is focused on games and has a larger audience (185M) than legacy channels and services like ESPN.”
  • Spend: “Ads and direct consumer spending will push GVC earnings to $4.6B this year. GVC exceeds earnings from top association football leagues like Bundesliga ($3.5B) and La Liga ($3.2B).” Of this, ads and sponsorships alone will generate $3.2B, according to the report.

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