US Army Esports Stops Streaming After Violations

Screen Rant: “After a series of seemingly nefarious actions, the US Army Esports team has reportedly paused all interaction on their social media platforms, including streaming Twitch. The U.S. Army and Navy Esports teams have been under fire for conning young teens into signing up for military contracts, and the former has most recent come under scrutiny for banning viewers from commenting on their Twitch channels for dissenting, a potentially unconstitutional act.”

“In mid-July, the U.S. Army Esports team came under heavy scrutinization after it was reported that they had been banning viewers who asked about war crimes. The backlash they faced came from viewers who claimed their First Amendment rights of free speech had been violated, since the U.S. Army Esports team is a government entity and was censoring US citizens in its stream chat. Their second offense was when viewers discovered a series of fake giveaways running on their social media pages. The fake links led people to an army recruitment site that provided no further mention of the supposed giveaway.”

“Esports insider Rod Breslau posted a tweet claiming that “sources” had told him that the US Army Esports team has paused all social media activity due to the recent influx of negative media coverage.”


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