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Fisher College Is First Boston Area School To Supply Varsity Esports Team

WCVB: “This fall, Fisher College introduced its first-ever varsity esports team, making them the first school in Boston to elevate esports to the highest collegiate competition level.”

“Fisher College President Steven Rich said it’s not every day that a school as small as Fisher College can boast, ‘We beat Texas A&M the other day.'”

“I see my Valorant players playing here and then my Rocket League players here and they’re hyping each other up during their off time … it’s more like camaraderie and it’s a family at the end of the day,” said Director of the esports program Bryan Hummel.

“Fisher College will field the top competitive teams in League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League, Halo, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Valorant, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six Siege and more.”

G2 Esports Reveals Its First All-Women League of Legends Team

Mashable: “G2 Esports, one of the world’s leading esports organizations, has announced an all-femaleLeague of Legends team, furthering much needed visibility for women in esports and paving the way toward mixed major leagues.”

“On Friday, the European company revealed its brand new team, Hel, named for the Norse goddess of death and the underworld. Hel marks the second all-women team launched by G2, following Valorant team Gozen formed last year in a truly competitive league.”

“The formation of G2 Hel is part of our continued efforts at G2 to provide top gamers with the opportunity to compete at the highest levels, irrespective of their gender, and to support them as they grow as players and as entertainers.”

The Navy Looking to Grow Its Esports Team

Navy Times: “The Navy is again recruiting troops to join its esports team in an effort to reach the next generation of prospective sailors.”

“The sea service, along with the other branches, has struggled this year to reach recruiting quotas. Navy officials are hoping its esports team — Goats and Glory, a part of the service’s recruiting command — will be one small part of a solution to attract a younger audience.”

“Selected sailors will receive three-year orders to the team’s facility in Memphis, Tennessee, naval flight officer Lt. Aaron Jones, the team’s captain, said during a Twitch livestream event last week.”

“The submission window to apply to join Goats and Glory, meanwhile, is between Sept. 1 and Oct. 1. Sailors E-5 and up can apply, and at the end of October, the top 100 will compete in a tournament, according to a Navy release.

Esports Booming In North Carolina

Business Journal: “In the Raleigh, North Carolina area and across the globe, tournaments with substantial cash prizes are drawing thousands of people to the same sports arenas used by professional teams. And for the bigger events, millions across the globe tune-in virtually via live streams.”

“And with the support from Triangle-based global technology leaders such as Lenovo, the region – and North Carolina as a whole – can expect to see huge economic growth as more esports leagues, organizations and venues continue to host their events in the state.”

“Esports revenue is estimated to reach $3 billion in 2022, according to Goldman Sachs. By 2023, the number of esports viewers globally is forecasted to grow to 646 million, which is twice the population of the United States. On the collegiate circuit, more than 170 colleges and universities have varsity esports teams, offering approximately $16 million per year in scholarships.”

“The good news is that North Carolina is on the front lines of this global esports explosion. That sort of global exposure helps attract more visitors, students, businesses and skilled workers to North Carolina and the Triangle area — all of which supports a vibrant economy and a thriving technology industry.”

Esports Earns Spot in University of North Carolina Greensboro’s Curriculum

Ed Tech: “The course titles speak for themselves: Introduction to Esports Management. Esports, Meeting and Event Tourism. Tournaments: Design to Execution. Hype, Engagement and Sponsorship.”

“Last spring, UNCG officials celebrated the opening of a campus esports arena by gathering at the facility and inspecting the new state-of-the-art equipment. Joined by members of the university’s student gaming and esports club, they took in the venue’s 3,300 square feet of space and watched as players battled opponents in games like League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

“This arena was designed to be a great place for students to game and blow off steam,” Sutton, UNCG associate vice chancellor for learning technology and customer success, says. “But more than that, it’s part of our larger vision for esports programming on the academic side of things.”

“That vision, he explains, includes two initiatives in particular: a noncredit six-course digital certificate program and an esports management concentration. Designed to give students in-demand skills they can use to land jobs in the industry, the courses cover everything from esports history to how to negotiate professional player contracts.”

Special Olympics And Xbox Collaborate For Inclusive Esports Event

Digital Trends: “Xbox will once again partner with the Special Olympics for its second annual Gaming for Inclusion Esports event. It will take place on September 10 and 17.”

“In 2021, Xbox partnered up with Special Olympics to create the Gaming for Inclusion Esports tournament. This first event was the culmination of nearly a decade of Xbox and Special Olympics working together to empower differently abled athletes to compete and commentate on games. It partnered athletes and celebrity partners in competitions featuring games such as Rocket League, Madden NFL 22, and Forza Motorsport 7. In 2021, the event saw Jayson Tatum, Jamaal Charles, and many WWE Superstars compete alongside Special Olympics athletes.”

Gaming for Inclusion 2022 will once again feature Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners in online competitions in Rocket League, as well as doing commentary and interviewsThis year’s celebrity supporters include the return of Jamaal Charles, TikTok influencer vaultboy, and a host of WWE Superstars on September 17.”

“In a blog post, Jeff Hansen, general manager of Strategic Brand Partnerships at Xbox, said: ‘Microsoft is committed to supporting Special Olympics in their mission to be a movement led by athletes and raise awareness for people with intellectual disabilities across areas such as sports and leadership.’”

Esports Hits Mainstream

PC Gamer: “Esports aren’t just for shooters, MOBAs, and real-time strategy games. As we’ve seen over the past several years, just about anything can be an esport, from Farming Simulator League to Geoguessr competitions to Wikipedia speedruns. If it’s a program that runs on a computer, no matter what it is, someone will find a way to make it competitive. So of course there are Microsoft Excel esports.”

“As reported by TechRadar(opens in new tab), this past weekend Excel esports got a lot of new fans when ESPN aired a replay of the Excel All-Star Battle that took place back in May. The event was organized by the Financial Modeling World Cup, “a leading financial modeling competition for everyone interested in finance,” and was shown as part of ESPN’s “The Ocho” on August 4, a 24-hour celebration of weird sports that included corgi racing, axe throwing, and stone skipping.”

“Over three rounds, the competitors were given extremely complicated tasks to accomplish on their spreadsheets with a 30-minute time limit. Half the contestants were eliminated in each round. Appropriately enough, each round is a “case study” problem involving a different game of some sort. In round one, the eight cyber athletes are challenged to create a slot-machine game with eight different symbols and a complicated point scoring system. Round two is a yacht regatta game with a complex wind-speed and directional simulation, and round three is a platformer with six different levels. Yes, these games are all being created in spreadsheets. Somehow.”

Recent Indian Gov Bans On Games Affecting Esports Growth

Esports: “It’s been a week since the the Indian Government banned Battlegrounds Mobile in the country. The game was taken off the Apple Store and Google Playstore, with developer Krafon receiving prior notice. While this isn’t the first time a PUBG game has been banned in India, this time was a tad different.”

“The major bi-product of this situation is that the lined-up BGMI tournaments in the country were forced to be delayed to a future date. The ban did affect live streaming as many streamers needed to shift to a new game.”

“If the Indian government continues with this pattern, the worst-case situation can easily occur. India can see a major dip in investment within the domain. Gaming organizations can decide to region lock their games out of India and in turn utterly destroy grassroots esports.”

Popular Liverpool Player Virgil van Dijk Unites With Tundra Esports As Ambassador And Shareholder

Dexerto: “Liverpool football star Virgil van Dijk has been unveiled as the new ambassador and shareholder of London-based esports organization Tundra Esports.”

“Van Dijk, widely regarded as one of the best defenders in the world, has been passionate about video games from a young age. According to Tundra, he is an “avid fan and player” of games like FIFA, Fortnite and Sim Racing titles, which makes him “a natural fit” for the organization.”

“I am extremely excited to be joining Tundra Esports,” Van Dijk said in a statement. “Tundra Esports is one of the fastest-growing esports organizations in the world and they are moving in a very exciting direction.”

“Created in 2019, Tundra Esports currently field teams in FIFA, Dota 2 and Fortnite. Their Dota 2 squad, which notably won ESL One Fall 2021, pocketing $175,000, will compete at PGL Arlington Major this month.”

Reasons Behind Esports Success


Ease of watching 

“Esports is like watching a movie or TV. It requires less attention and you don’t need to be engaged that much to still know what is going on. When esports is being played, anyone can instantly pick up on what the main objective is, and what the players are trying to achieve.”

Bring value and knowledge 

“You read that a lot of non-gamers come in, but of course, the majority of viewers are gamers who enjoy playing the game in question. By watching professionals battle it out on the same battlefield you are playing on, it will be natural for you to pick up tips and tricks.”

Giveaways and sponsorships

“People like free stuff – this is no secret. The esports scene likes to give away things as a way of giving back to their community.”