Esports Earns Spot in University of North Carolina Greensboro’s Curriculum

Ed Tech: “The course titles speak for themselves: Introduction to Esports Management. Esports, Meeting and Event Tourism. Tournaments: Design to Execution. Hype, Engagement and Sponsorship.”

“Last spring, UNCG officials celebrated the opening of a campus esports arena by gathering at the facility and inspecting the new state-of-the-art equipment. Joined by members of the university’s student gaming and esports club, they took in the venue’s 3,300 square feet of space and watched as players battled opponents in games like League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

“This arena was designed to be a great place for students to game and blow off steam,” Sutton, UNCG associate vice chancellor for learning technology and customer success, says. “But more than that, it’s part of our larger vision for esports programming on the academic side of things.”

“That vision, he explains, includes two initiatives in particular: a noncredit six-course digital certificate program and an esports management concentration. Designed to give students in-demand skills they can use to land jobs in the industry, the courses cover everything from esports history to how to negotiate professional player contracts.”


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