Esports Booming In North Carolina

Business Journal: “In the Raleigh, North Carolina area and across the globe, tournaments with substantial cash prizes are drawing thousands of people to the same sports arenas used by professional teams. And for the bigger events, millions across the globe tune-in virtually via live streams.”

“And with the support from Triangle-based global technology leaders such as Lenovo, the region – and North Carolina as a whole – can expect to see huge economic growth as more esports leagues, organizations and venues continue to host their events in the state.”

“Esports revenue is estimated to reach $3 billion in 2022, according to Goldman Sachs. By 2023, the number of esports viewers globally is forecasted to grow to 646 million, which is twice the population of the United States. On the collegiate circuit, more than 170 colleges and universities have varsity esports teams, offering approximately $16 million per year in scholarships.”

“The good news is that North Carolina is on the front lines of this global esports explosion. That sort of global exposure helps attract more visitors, students, businesses and skilled workers to North Carolina and the Triangle area — all of which supports a vibrant economy and a thriving technology industry.”


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