Saudi Esports Hopes To Raise GDP by $13.3 Billion And Add 39,000 Jobs by 2030

Alarabiya News: “Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince has announced a plan to develop the country’s gaming and esports industry, aiming to create 39,000 jobs and boost GDP by $13.3 billion (50 billion riyals) by 2030.”

“The new National Gaming and Esports Strategy will involve business incubators, new educational academies, and regulation intended to stimulate growth of the industry. Major competitions and other events are also expected to be announced as part of the plan.”

“There will be several different areas of focus including technology and hardware development, game production, esports competition, infrastructure, regulations, education, talent acquisition, and financing.”

“The US is currently the highest spender on video games, with gaming revenues expected to reach $50.5 billion this year, according to Newzoo, and China is second with revenues of $50.2 billion. Middle East and Africa gaming revenues are currently lower than in any other region, accounting for just four percent of worldwide spending, according to the same report.”


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