Sony ‘Reveals’ PlayStation Plus eSports League

IGN reports that “Sony appears set to launch its own eSports platform called PlayStation Plus League.”

“A new French-language site has popped up, revealing games like Street Fighter IV Ultra, Battlefield Hardline and FIFA 16 will all be included, with Championships occurring throughout the year across several different seasons and divisions.”

CinemaBlend adds: “This is one of those programs that makes so much sense we have to wonder why it took anyone this long to implement it. Whether you’re gaming with a team or flying solo, the PlayStation Plus League roster of games will give everyone a chance to take part in eSports events with ease and maybe even earn some bragging rights and rewards for their efforts. We have to assume scheduled events like this were one of the driving forces behind the recent Calendar app that was launched for the PS4, too, making it extremely easy to schedule and receive reminders for these types of competitions.”

The PlayStation site states: “The PlayStation®Plus League aims to offer its PlayStation Plus subscribers a new e-sport experience. Here you will have the opportunity to take part in competitions and tournaments of your favorite games.” It offers four ways to compete.


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