eSports Game Chart via Hilgers

This is what many of us have been waiting for.

Jens Hilgers, Founder and Chairman of Turtle Entertainment (think ESL) now self-described “Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Guy” who also writes the must read “Observer Ward” blog, published what he calls “the first eSports Games Chart.”

Writes Hilgers: “All so often I run into discussions of what is an eSports game and what is not, aswell as which games in eSports really matter. Over time I developed my own set of criteria which defined eSports games and there relevance and started using this approach in discussions and presentations. I have now mapped it out in a chart published on my blog. As always: This is certainly not the ultimately best way to look at it, but it certainly feels like a pretty good way to qualify the eSports Games Landscape. Please feel free to share your critic and feedback!”

Ok, will do. Here’s the chart:


Here are our thoughts:

  1. Overall, this is very well done. It’s interesting and largely helpful for folks trying to understand what’s what.
  2. However, I don’t think games like Hearthstone can be considered an eSport since it relies to much on RNG. It’d be similar to calling poker a sport.
  3. The excellent chart also misses a chance to segment by audience — or at least by channel. The graph doesn’t distinguish between computer and console games — and compares them on the same scale (though note that all Tier 1 are computer games, as are most of Tier 2). Perhaps add a color code that let’s the reader see if the game is primarily computer or console.

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