Report: North America Digital Games Market 2016E

More extraordinary insights from SuperData, this time via its North America digital games market report 2016E.

One clear headline: The lifetime value of a North American gamer is $221 — “one of the highest in the world.” You can get SuperData’s full report here. SuperData states:

“The $14.8B North America digital games market is one of the largest and most complex in the world. Most publishers are familiar with digital gamers in the U.S. and Canada, but many do not realize how quickly this market is changing. In order to take advantage of this region—which boasts one of the highest lifetime value (LTV) rates in the world at $221—stakeholders need to be keenly aware of what drives these gamers, and how the shifting sands of their preferences will impact the potential of each segment of digital games.”

“This report details the full spectrum of digital games (free-to-play MMO, P2P MMO, social, mobile, digital console and PC) in North America, and dives into the differences between Canadian and American gamers, from payment preferences to spending behavior, demographics and more. Armed with these vital data, readers are prepared to optimize their endeavors in the largest digital PC market, make informed decisions about a maturing free-to-play MMO sector, and prepare for a fast-growing digital console territory.”

SuperData Research chart

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