Is eSports the New Skateboarding for Consumer Tech Companies?

John Gaudiosi in CTA Tech: “By connecting with PC gamers early on, Intel has been able to market directly to the most avid gamers in the world. But with Microsoft handing out $2.5 million to the best Halo 5 gamers March 20 and Activision awarding over $3 million to Call of Duty gamers this fall, eSports is expanding beyond the PC gamer. This opens up an even broader audience for new sponsors and brands entering the eSports market.”

“PepsiCo’s Brisk Iced Tea brand recently partnered with top Call of Duty eSports team Optic Gaming to launch a new line of Brisk Mate flavors. Gary So, senior director of marketing for Brisk, says the company entered the eSports fray because its consumers are passionate about professional gaming.”

“’Our consumers are spending 10 to 12 hours a day either gaming or watching professionals playing games,’ So says. ‘A decade ago we’d have looked at skateboarding to target this audience, but today Gen Z and Millennials are watching eSports.'”


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