More News from Twitch

We know the biggest headline from the TwitchCon conference: Twitch Prime. What else was announced?

TechCrunch Editor Greg Kumparak reports the headlines:

  • “Clips on Mobile: Viewers will be able to clip/create/share clips from Twitch streams on iOS/Android beginning immediately. Meanwhile, clips will get more precise by way of a new clip-trimming feature coming in mid-October.”
  • “Uploads: Until now, the only stuff you could host on your channel was live content or previously live stuff you’d streamed through Twitch. Beginning today, you’ll be able to upload your own gaming videos to Twitch.”
  • “Loyalty badges: Streamers will be able to award special “tenure”-based badges to long-term viewers who’ve been tuning in for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. Streamers can design their own badges; the feature will launch in three weeks.”
  • “Transcodes: Twitch is opening up transcoding — that is, video quality options for viewers — to more streamers. It’s currently offered primarily to revenue-sharing partners, but they hope to open it to 3x as many non-partners within the next few months.”
  • “HTML5 Support: After a few months in beta, Twitch announced that HTML5 support is rolling out to everyone today.”

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