October: Big Month for VR

We know VR’s role in gaming and eSports is growing fast. October looks like it will offer a growth spurt.

Ian Hamilton of UploadVR  covers all the details:

Google: “Starting October 4, VR is heading for mainstream adoption in a way that was not possible before. Google will be holding a press event where the company may debut a reference VR headset for its Daydream platform. We’d also expect a slate of content announcements and partnerships to expand upon the sparse details we heard from Google at its developer conference earlier this year. Above, for instance, are manufacturers said to have been developing phones compatible with the new Daydream platform.”

Oculus Touch: “The day after Google’s event, Oculus kicks off its third developer conference on October 5. At the same event last year, the company debuted partnerships that would bring Minecraft, Netflix, and many more top-tier applications to Oculus-compatible headsets.”

“The company also showed its Oculus Touch controllers in social VR — that is, you and someone else had their hand, head movements, and voice seamlessly transported into a shared virtual world…Touch should push the technology much farther. The first step is to launch more than 30 Touch-compatible games this year. Very quickly, though, it might become difficult for you to be a 3D artist or designer who doesn’t work with their models in VR.”

PlayStation VR: “On October 13, one week after the Oculus conference, Sony releases its PlayStation VR headset. At $399, it costs more than some versions of the console itself, but preorders sold out faster than any hardware ever at GameStop. It is compatible with millions of PlayStation 4 systems already in people’s homes, and Sony promises more than 50 games compatible with the headset through the end of 2016.”


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