Las Vegas Approves First eSports Tournament for Casino Gambling

More evidence of how big the eSports business has become: Gambling has arrived.

Alena Alambeigi writes in Mashable: “The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas finally received permission to take wagers for esports matches on Nov. 17, following months of unsuccessful attempts. It’s the first casino in the U.S. to legally do so, but was it a one-off?”

Alambeigi spoke with “Angela Abshier, the hotel’s director of resort marketing, about future opportunities to place wagers on esports.”

“‘We tried for months but didn’t get permission from Nevada until the day before [IEM Oakland], which didn’t give us time to properly promote,’ she said, adding that the hotel continues to look for opportunities that will bring esports wagering into the mainstream.”

“‘This is the first time it was done,’ Abshier continued. ‘I don’t know how many times we will get permission, I don’t know if we’ll get it again. There is more to come regarding future bets, but no details as to which matches or a criteria by which decisions will be made.'”


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