Should Esports Players Unionize?

Global Sport Matters: “No legally recognized player unions operate in the esports industry, leaving players and their representatives to negotiate contracts without the protections or restrictions brought on by collective bargaining. But as the industry grows, questions arise about when and how players should organize.”

“These conversations led Harris Peskin, associate attorney at ESG Law from New York and executive director of the Esports Bar Association, to lay out the esports ecosystem and how the history of antitrust restrictions might interact with it. But he ultimately declined to say whether players should or shouldn’t unionize. Instead, Peskin states that his goal is simply to raise awareness.”

“At some point in the not-too-distant future, the status quo will cease to be a viable option,” Peskin wrote. “At that inflection point, players will be faced with a choice. They should fully understand the consequences and economic realities associated with that choice.”


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