Usain Bolt Now A Co-Owner Of WYLDE

Forbes: “WYLDE, a young esports organization founded just two years ago, has today announced it has a new co-owner: global sports star and world’s fastest man and eight-time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt.”

“Based in Dublin, Ireland, WYLDE is the brainchild of former JP Morgan investment banker Steve Daly and David Cronin, a founding shareholder of Irish technology company QUMAS.”

“However, WYLDE–which stands for “What You Love Doing Esports”–proudly promotes its “deep roots in the Caribbean,” while its teams and players come from countries including France, Germany, the U.K., The Netherlands, Slovenia, and Spain. Right now, WYLDE teams compete in Rainbow Six SiegeVALORANTRocket League, and FIFA.”

Video of Usain Bolt Introduced by WYLDE


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