Why Esports Is Seeing Increase In AI Usage

Entertainment Focus:

“Here are some ways in which AI technology will improve eSports and eSports betting:

  • Curb match/game-fixing incidences

AI technology can significantly reduce the occurrence of deliberate match/game manipulations.

  • Improve gameplay

AI can be used to make accurate analyses and predictions.

  • Customized training regimens

eSports players/characters are usually developed to share similar abilities with the real-life players they represent. With AI, it is possible to train these players/characters through different AI-powered tools and system designs.

  • Spring up of more AI-enabled eSports platforms

The application of AI-enabled tools such as computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning will help to improve the general eSports environment. This will also attract more audiences who will appreciate the tough nature of the games and their entertainment.”


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