First Cloud9 All-Women Esports Team for Valorant

Venture Beat: “Esports organization Cloud9 will field its first all-women esports team in Riot Games’ Valorant esports tournaments.”

“The Los Angeles-based Cloud9, which runs a number of esports teams for games like League of Legends and Fortnite, will partner with AT&T in creating more opportunities for women and making competitive gaming more inclusive. The team will debut at Riot’s First Strike tournament qualifiers starting today.”

“Cloud9 has been doing some enlightened work in an esports industry that has grown up as both toxic and male-centric. Back in May, Cloud 9 teamed up with Kaiser Permanente to improve mental health in the U.S. gaming community. These moves are signs of the mainstreaming of esports, video games, diversity, and mental wellness efforts, Cloud9 senior marketing VP Kristen Salvatore said in an interview with GamesBeat.”


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