Diversity in Esports & Gaming

CNN: “While the industry as a whole is still male-dominated, organizations have launched projects in the hope of creating a more diverse gaming environment.”

“An example of this is the Valorant Game Changers initiative which looks to provide a platform for marginalized genders to compete and develop into professional players.”

“Riot Games’ Senior Brand Manager Vera Wienken says representation is key to attracting and maintaining female participation in Valorant and esports in general.”

“Valorant itself is a relatively new game and Wienken thinks its format and narrative open itself up to a more diverse audience. ‘The characters you can play as, for example, don’t necessarily conform to gender stereotypes and this helps make the game more accessible’, says Wienken.”

Why does the Esports industry attract fewer females? Wienken believes it is because of the lack of role models: “What we would like to see and what’s happening already, which is amazing, is these women pro players are becoming role models for others and sharing their path, sharing their story so that women know and find their entry points.”


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