The Top Esports Companies 2022

Forbes: “The top ten are now worth an average of $353 million, up 46% from 2020, but most are rapidly diversifying their businesses as they face down the industry’s challenges.”

TSM is the most valuable Esports company. It is worth $540 million — this 32% increase since 2020.

Coming right behind TSM is 100 Thieves, whose value sits at $460 million. 100 Thieves saw a whopping 142% increase since 2020. “No team in Forbes’ ranking has appreciated more than 100 Thieves, which was fifth on the 2020 list at $190 million.”

Team Liquid is listed at 3rd place, with its value just behind 100 Thieves’, at $440 million. Team Liquid has seen a 42% increase since 2020.

Want to see the rest? Click here!

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