Esports Industry Attacked For Lack Of Inclusion

Euro Gamer: “Chinese-Canadian esports player Biofrost has come out as gay and criticised the industry for its lack of inclusion.”

“In a lengthy tweet from the League of Legends player, he explains the difficulties of coming out in the hostile world of esports and calls for change.”

“I’m not making this announcement because I owe everyone the details of my personal life, but because I want there to be more awareness about the problems our community faces,” he wrote.

“On almost every team I’ve been on, I’ve heard homophobic comments from either my teammates or the staff and felt uncomfortable, even borderline afraid of possibly losing my job if I told the truth.”

“My story is not unique. The gaming industry is rampant with sexism, prejudice, and homophobia. I don’t believe there’s a quick fix, but it starts with us holding ourselves to a higher standard and treating everyone with dignity. We need to educate people in esports of proper conduct within the workplace.”


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