Youth Esports League Expanding to High Schools

The Journal: “Youth esports organization Vanta Leagues has announced it will expand its programming to include high school students beginning this fall, raising the maximum player age to 18 from 14, making Vanta’s free esports set-up guide and league organization structure accessible at no cost to high schools nationwide.”

“Vanta recently partnered with STEM Fuse, a provider of STEM-based digital curriculum to 15,000 U.S. schools whose new esports curriculum includes resources from Vanta Leagues. Schools can use STEM Fuse’s free start guide to quickly start teams and even regional leagues using their own coaches and curriculum; Vanta Leagues offers subscription plans for schools that include team coaching, scheduling, logistics, and more.”

“Currently, Vanta is open to students ages 8–14. Vanta Leagues emphasizes a team-based, holistic environment through their “kid-safe gamer platform, teaching the next generation of gamers how to become outstanding citizens,” the company said.”


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